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Project Description
Gulu is a .NET 2.0 windows forms project that is the expertise of file searching and batch processing. File searching criteria can be largely extended and customized, and so does the batch processing logic (gulu). Furthermore, advanced users can write C#/VB.NET scripts within Gulu to perform customized batch processing.


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Followings are the highlights compared to other file searching and batch processing softwares:
  • Drag&Drop file searching : Open your file list, drag the object from File Tree and then drop it onto the file list surface.
  • Flexiable filter settings : Search your files by specified filter criteria, which can be deeply extended by .NET software developers.
  • Flexiable batch processing operations : Batch-process your files with different operations, which can be deeply extended by .NET software developers.
  • Just-In-Time batch processing : Customize your batch processing logic by typing the C#/VB.NET code in the script manager, run the script directly to gain the ability of Just-In-Time batch processing.
  • Scripting in different .NET languages : You can create the script by using C#, VB.NET or other .NET managed languages.
  • Dynamic Help : Get the help on Filters and Gulus dynamically.
  • Development support and library references : Get the development and deployment guidelines on the fly.
  • Multi-Language support : Gulu can change its user interface language according to the setting of your computer's regional options.

Special Thanks

This is the first time I submit my project on CodePlex. So just sorry if you encountered errors or something else that makes you inconvenient.
Gulu is a file searching and batch processing system. In the project we call each batch processing operation a "Gulu", which can be largely extended by users.

In the current release, I didn't provide much functionality on search filter customization and "Gulu" implementations, so when you get the copy from the gulu_PRERELEASE release, you can just see three or four "Gulus" under the gulu manager. You can also just see three filters in the Filter Settings form: FileName filter, FileSize filter and File Time filter. The Gulu framework is here, but currently I cannot pay my full time on further customized fitlers and Gulus. Just tell me what you want and I'll estimate and try to add your request to the project in the consequent releases. Of course, you can do some customization on the project and contact me if you want to become a member of the project.

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